How Counselling & Psychotherapy can help

Research suggests that one in every four adults experiences significant emotional distress at some time in their lives. Often this can be resolved by talking to friends or family. However, sometimes the difficulties persist, causing unhappiness at home, work or in our relationships with others. This could be because current challenges are triggering feelings from the past of which we may not be consciously aware. Counselling and psychotherapy can provide us with deeper understanding of ourselves and this knowledge can help us to understand and deal more effectively with these challenges.

How would we work?

Counselling in a confidential setting provides a unique opportunity to talk safely to someone who will not judge you or tell you what you should do. Instead, we will work together to make sense of your life by exploring your feelings with a view to helping you cope more easily with your issues and concerns.

My approach is integrative which means I am able to draw on different theories to suit the needs of different clients. Ultimately, the goal is to help people understand and accept who they are while supporting positive change.

How long does it take?

This is something we will discuss together. In short-term work the focus is generally on working with a specific problem. Psychotherapy offers deeper work exploring and making sense of patterns from the past that limit us in the present.